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Rectovaginal septum

rectovaginal septum rec·to·vag·i·nal septum (rěk’tō-vāj’ə-nəl)
The fascial layer between the vagina and the lower part of the rectum.


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  • Rectovesical muscle

    rectovesical muscle rec·to·ves·i·cal muscle (rěk’tō-věs’ĭ-kəl) n. Smooth muscle fibers in the folds in the male that extend backward from the sides of the bladder on either side of the rectum to the sacrum.

  • Rectovesical pouch

    rectovesical pouch n. A pocket formed by the deflection of the peritoneum from the rectum to the male bladder.

  • Rectovesical septum

    rectovesical septum n. A fascial layer extending from the central tendon of the perineum to the peritoneum between the prostate and the rectum.

  • Rectrices

    noun, plural rectrices [rek-trahy-seez, rek-truh-seez] /rɛkˈtraɪ siz, ˈrɛk trəˌsiz/ (Show IPA). Ornithology. 1. one of the tail feathers of a bird controlling direction during flight. noun (pl) rectrices (ˈrɛktrɪˌsiːz; rɛkˈtraɪsiːz) 1. any of the large stiff feathers of a bird’s tail, used in controlling the direction of flight

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