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noun, plural rectums, recta
[rek-tuh] /ˈrɛk tə/ (Show IPA). Anatomy.
the comparatively straight, terminal section of the intestine, ending in the anus.
noun (pl) -tums, -ta (-tə)
the lower part of the alimentary canal, between the sigmoid flexure of the colon and the anus

rectum rec·tum (rěk’təm)
n. pl. rec·tums or rec·ta (-tə)
The terminal portion of the large intestine, extending from the sigmoid flexure to the anal canal.
Plural rectums or recta
The last section of the digestive tract, extending from the colon to the anus, in which feces is stored for elimination from the body.

rectal adjective

rectum definition

The outermost portion of the large intestine. Feces are stored in the rectum until they are passed out of the body through the anus.


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