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noun, Logic.
a definition consisting of a set of rules such that by repeated application of the rules the meaning of the definiendum is uniquely determined in terms of ideas that are already familiar.


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  • Recursive descent parser

    grammar A “top-down” parser built from a set of mutually-recursive procedures or a non-recursive equivalent where each such procedure usually implements one of the productions of the grammar. Thus the structure of the resulting program closely mirrors that of the grammar it recognises. [“Recursive Programming Techniques”, W.H. Burge, 1975, ISBN 0-201-14450-6]. (1995-04-28)

  • Recursive function

    noun 1. (logic, maths) a function defined in terms of the repeated application of a number of simpler functions to their own values, by specifying a base clause and a recursion formula

  • Recursively

    adjective 1. pertaining to or using a rule or procedure that can be applied repeatedly. 2. Mathematics, Computers. pertaining to or using the mathematical process of recursion: a recursive function; a recursive procedure. adjective, adverb

  • Recursive macro actuated generator

    tool (RMAG) Robert A. Magnuson, NIH ca 1970. A stand-alone macroprocessor for IBM 360/370 under VS or OS. Many built-in features and a library of several hundred macros. Several large systems were written in RMAG to generate source code for languages such as IBM JCL, IBM assembly language, COBOL. There was also a system (SLANG: […]

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