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Recursive subroutine

(computing) a subroutine that can call itself as part of its execution


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  • Recursive type

    A data type which contains itself. The commonest example is the list type, in Haskell: data List a = Nil | Cons a (List a) which says a list of a’s is either an empty list or a cons cell containing an ‘a’ (the “head” of the list) and another list (the “tail”). Recursion is […]

  • Recurvate

    adjective 1. bent back or backward; recurved. adjective 1. (rare) bent back

  • Recurvation

    recurvation re·cur·va·tion (rē’kər-vā’shən) n. A backward bending or flexure. re·cur’vate’ (rĭ-kûr’vāt’, -vĭt) adj.

  • Recurve

    verb (used with or without object), recurved, recurving. 1. to curve or bend back or backward. verb 1. to curve or bend (something) back or down or (of something) to be so curved or bent

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