a red strip of carpet placed on the ground for high-ranking dignitaries to walk on when entering or leaving a building, vehicle, or the like.

an area abutting the entrance to a building, usually carpeted in red, where celebrities gather and walk before participating in or taking their seats at a big event:
The winning actress had of course been interviewed on the red carpet before the Academy Awards.
the activity that goes on in this area:
Six reporters will be covering the red carpet at the charity’s annual gala.

a display of courtesy or deference, as that shown to persons of high station:
The visiting prince was treated to the red carpet in Rome.
a strip of red carpeting laid for important dignitaries to walk on when arriving or departing

deferential treatment accorded to a person of importance
(as modifier): the returning hero had a red-carpet reception

red carpet
Honorary treatment, lavish hospitality, as in We’ll have to get out the red carpet for the President’s visit. This term comes from the literal practice of rolling out a carpet to welcome a royal or other esteemed guest, and indeed is often put as roll out the red carpet. [ Early 1900s ]

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