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having red hair, as a person.
having a red head, as an animal, especially a bird.
(of a person) having red hair
(of an animal) having a red head


Read Also:

  • Red-headed woodpecker

    noun 1. a black and white North American woodpecker, Melanerpes erythrocephalus, having a red head and neck.

  • Red-heart

    noun 1. a treelike Californian shrub, Ceanothus spinosus, of the buckthorn family, having pale blue or white flowers.

  • Red-heat

    noun 1. the temperature of a red-hot body. 2. the condition of being red-hot. noun 1. the temperature at which a substance is red-hot 2. the state or condition of being red-hot

  • Red hepatization

    red hepatization n. The first stage of hepatization of lung tissue in pneumonia, in which the exudate is blood-stained.

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