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noun, verb (used with object), reddled, reddling.
noun, verb
a variant spelling of ruddle


Read Also:

  • Reddleman

    noun, plural reddlemen. 1. ruddleman.

  • Red-dog

    verb (used with object), red-dogged, red-dogging. 1. to charge directly for (the passer) as soon as the ball is snapped. verb (used without object), red-dogged, red-dogging. 2. to red-dog the passer. noun, Cards. 1. a gambling game played by two to ten persons with a pack of 52 cards, in which players bet in turn […]

  • Red-dogwood

    noun 1. a Eurasian dogwood, Cornus sanguinea, having greenish-white flowers and dark-red branches. 2. a variety of flowering dogwood, Cornus florida rubra, having red or pink bracts.

  • Red-drum

    noun, Ichthyology. 1. a large, edible drum, Sciaenops ocellatus, living in waters off the Atlantic coast of the U.S.

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