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Reduced glutathione

reduced glutathione n.
The form of glutathione that acts as a hydrogen donor during cellular oxidation-reduction reactions.


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  • Reduced hematin

    reduced hematin n. See heme.

  • Reduced hemoglobin

    reduced hemoglobin n. Hemoglobin in red blood cells after the oxygen of oxyhemoglobin is released in the tissues.

  • Reduced instruction set computer

    processor (RISC) A processor whose design is based on the rapid execution of a sequence of simple instructions rather than on the provision of a large variety of complex instructions (as in a Complex Instruction Set Computer). Features which are generally found in RISC designs are uniform instruction encoding (e.g. the op-code is always in […]

  • Reduced level

    noun 1. (surveying) calculated elevation in relation to a particular datum

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