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noun, Chemistry.
a substance that causes another substance to undergo reduction and that is oxidized in the process.
reducing agent
(chem) a substance that reduces another substance in a chemical reaction, being itself oxidized in the process Compare oxidizing agent

reducing agent n.
A substance that chemically reduces other substances, especially by donating an electron or electrons.


Read Also:

  • Reducing-glass

    noun 1. a lens or mirror that produces a virtual image of an object smaller than the object itself. reducing glass noun 1. a lens or curved mirror that produces an image smaller than the object observed

  • Reduct

    verb (used with object) 1. to reduce.

  • Reductant

    reductant re·duc·tant (rĭ-dŭk’tənt) n. A reducing agent.

  • Reductase

    noun, Biochemistry. 1. any enzyme acting as a reducing agent. noun 1. any enzyme that catalyses a biochemical reduction reaction reductase re·duc·tase (rĭ-dŭk’tās’, -tāz’) n. An enzyme that promotes reduction of an organic compound.

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