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verb (used with object), reduplicated, reduplicating.
to double; repeat.
Grammar. to form (a derivative or inflected form) by doubling a specified syllable or other portion of the primitive, sometimes with fixed modifications, as in Greek léloipa “I have left,” leípo “I leave.”.
verb (used without object), reduplicated, reduplicating.
to become doubled.
Grammar. to become reduplicated.
verb (rɪˈdjuːplɪˌkeɪt)
to make or become double; repeat
to repeat (a sound or syllable) in a word or (of a sound or syllable) to be repeated, esp in forming inflections in certain languages
adjective (rɪˈdjuːplɪkɪt)
doubled or repeated
(of petals or sepals) having the margins curving outwards


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