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a coloring material or matter.
a liquid containing coloring matter, for imparting a particular hue to cloth, paper, etc.
color or hue, especially as produced by dyeing.
verb (used with object), dyed, dyeing.
to color or stain; treat with a dye; color (cloth, hair, etc.) with a substance containing coloring matter:
to dye a dress green.
to impart (color) by means of a dye:
The coloring matter dyed green.
verb (used without object), dyed, dyeing.
to impart color, as a dye:
This brand dyes well.
to become colored or absorb color when treated with a dye:
This cloth dyes easily.
of the deepest / blackest dye, of the most extreme or the worst sort:
a prevaricator of the blackest dye.
a staining or colouring substance, such as a natural or synthetic pigment
a liquid that contains a colouring material and can be used to stain fabrics, skins, etc
the colour or shade produced by dyeing
verb dyes, dyeing, dyed
(transitive) to impart a colour or stain to (something, such as fabric or hair) by or as if by the application of a dye

dye (dī)
A substance used to color materials or substances, such as cells, tissues, and microorganisms.

The art of dyeing is one of great antiquity, although no special mention is made of it in the Old Testament. The Hebrews probably learned it from the Egyptians (see Ex. 26:1; 28:5-8), who brought it to great perfection. In New Testament times Thyatira was famed for its dyers (Acts 16:14). (See COLOUR.)


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