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noun, plural reedmen.
a musician who plays a reed instrument.


Read Also:

  • Reed-organ

    noun 1. a musical keyboard instrument, as the harmonium or American organ, having small metal reeds through which air is forced to produce the sound. noun 1. a wind instrument, such as the harmonium, accordion, or harmonica, in which the sound is produced by reeds, each reed producing one note only 2. a type of […]

  • Reed-pipe

    noun 1. an organ pipe having a reed that is vibrated by air to produce the sound. noun 1. a wind instrument, such as a clarinet or oboe, whose sound is produced by a vibrating reed 2. an organ pipe sounded by a vibrating reed

  • Reed-sternberg cell

    Reed-Sternberg cell n. A giant binucleated or multinucleated acidophilic cell in the tissues in Hodgkin’s disease. Also called Sternberg-Reed cell.

  • Reed-stop

    noun 1. a set of reed pipes in a pipe organ. noun 1. an organ stop controlling a rank of reed pipes

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