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verb (used with object), Archaic.
to refresh, especially with food or drink.


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  • Refection

    noun 1. refreshment, especially with food or drink. 2. a portion of food or drink; repast. noun 1. refreshment with food and drink

  • Refectory

    noun, plural refectories. 1. a dining hall in a religious house, a college, or other institution. noun (pl) -tories 1. a communal dining hall in a religious, academic, or other institution

  • Refectory-table

    noun 1. a long, narrow table having a single stretcher between trestlelike supports at the ends. 2. a narrow dining table having extensible ends. refectory table noun 1. a long narrow dining table supported by two trestles joined by a stretcher or set into a base

  • Refed

    verb (used with object), fed, feeding. 1. to give food to; supply with nourishment: to feed a child. 2. to yield or serve as food for: This land has fed 10 generations. 3. to provide as food. 4. to furnish for consumption. 5. to satisfy; minister to; gratify: Poetry feeds the imagination. 6. to supply […]

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