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Reflection coefficient

reflection coefficient n.
Symbol ς
A measure of the relative permeability of a particular membrane to a particular solute.


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  • Reflection density

    noun 1. (physics) a measure of the extent to which a surface reflects light or other electromagnetic radiation, equal to the logarithm to base ten of the reciprocal of the reflectance D Former name optical density

  • Reflection-nebula

    noun, Astronomy. 1. a cloud of interstellar gas and dust that reflects the light of neighboring stars. reflection nebula A nebula that reflects the light of a nearby star or stars toward Earth rather than producing its own. See more at nebula.

  • Reflection-plane

    noun, Crystallography. 1. a plane through a crystal that divides the crystal into two halves that are mirror images of each other.

  • Reflectively

    adjective 1. that reflects; reflecting. 2. of or relating to reflection. 3. cast by reflection. 4. given to, marked by, or concerned with meditation or deliberation: a reflective person. adjective 1. characterized by quiet thought or contemplation 2. capable of reflecting: a reflective surface 3. produced by reflection reflective re·flec·tive (rĭ-flěk’tĭv) adj. Of, relating to, […]

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