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bent backward or downward, as a leaf.
Physiology. noting or pertaining to an involuntary response to a stimulus, the nerve impulse from a receptor being transmitted inward to a nerve center that in turn transmits it outward to an effector.
occurring in reaction; responsive.
cast back; reflected, as light, color, etc.
bent or turned back.
designating a radio apparatus in which the same circuit or part performs two functions.

Also called reflex act. movement caused by a reflex response.
Also called reflex action. the entire physiological process activating such movement.

any automatic, unthinking, often habitual behavior or response.
the reflection or image of an object, as exhibited by a mirror or the like.
a reproduction, as if in a mirror.
a copy; adaptation.
reflected light, color, etc.
Historical Linguistics. an element in a language, as a sound, that has developed from a corresponding element in an earlier form of the language:
The (ō) in “stone” is a reflex of Old English ā.
a reflex radio receiver.
a reflex camera.
verb (used with object)
to subject to a reflex process.
to bend, turn, or fold back.
to arrange in a reflex system.
noun (ˈriːflɛks)

an immediate involuntary response, esp one that is innate, such as coughing or removal of the hand from a hot surface, evoked by a given stimulus
(as modifier): a reflex action See also reflex arc


a mechanical response to a particular situation, involving no conscious decision
(as modifier): a reflex response

a reflection; an image produced by or as if by reflection
a speech element derived from a corresponding form in an earlier state of the language: “sorrow” is a reflex of Middle English “sorwe”
adjective (ˈriːflɛks)
(maths) (of an angle) between 180° and 360°
(prenominal) turned, reflected, or bent backwards
verb (rɪˈflɛks)
(transitive) to bend, turn, or reflect backwards

reflex re·flex (rē’flěks’)

An involuntary physiological response to a stimulus.

An unlearned or instinctive response to a stimulus.

Something, such as light or heat, that is reflected.


Being an involuntary action or response, such as a sneeze, blink, or hiccup.

Bent, turned, or thrown back; reflected.

v. re·flexed, re·flex·ing, re·flex·es (rĭ-flěks’)

To cause to undergo a reflex process.

To reflect.


An involuntary physiological response to a stimulus, as the withdrawal of a body part from burning heat.

An unlearned or instinctive response to a stimulus. Also called unconditioned response. See more at classical conditioning.

reflex definition

An action or movement not controlled by conscious thought. A reflex may be anything from a hiccup to the involuntary response of a body part, such as the action that occurs in the knee-jerk reflex.


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