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something that refreshes, especially food or drink.
refreshments, articles or portions of food or drink, especially for a light meal.
the act of refreshing or the state of being refreshed.
the act of refreshing or the state of being refreshed
(pl) snacks and drinks served as a light meal


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  • Refresh rate

    noun 1. (computing) the frequency at which the image on a monitor is renewed hardware (Or “vertical refresh rate”, “vertical scan rate”) The maximum number of frames that can be displayed on a monitor in a second, expressed in Hertz. The scan rate is controlled by the vertical sync signal generated by the video controller, […]

  • Refried

    adjective of beans that are fried and mashed, then fried again Usage Note cooking

  • Refried-beans

    plural noun, Mexican Cookery. 1. dried beans, cooked and mashed and then fried in lard, sometimes with onions and other seasonings.

  • Refrig

    1. refrigeration. 2. refrigerator. refrig 1. refrigerating 2. refrigeration

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