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Refrigerator cookie


See icebox cookie


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  • Refrigerator-freezer

    [ri-frij-uh-rey-ter-free-zer] /rɪˈfrɪdʒ əˌreɪ tərˈfri zər/ noun 1. a large appliance housing one compartment for refrigerating food and another for freezing.

  • Refrigerator mom

    refrigerator mom

  • Refringence

    noun 1. refractivity. refringence re·frin·gence (rĭ-frĭn’jəns) n. See refraction.

  • Refringent

    adjective 1. refracting; refractive. adjective 1. (physics) of, concerned with, or causing refraction; refractive refringent re·frin·gent (rĭ-frĭn’jənt) adj. Of, relating to, or producing refraction; refractive.

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