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Regional anesthesia

regional anesthesia n.
The use of a local anesthetic solution or solutions to produce circumscribed areas of loss of sensation.


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  • Regional-enteritis

    noun, Pathology. 1. Crohn’s disease. regional enteritis noun 1. another name for Crohn’s disease regional enteritis n. Enteritis of unknown cause that is usually limited to the terminal ileum but can progress to other segments of the intestine, characterized by nodule formation and fibrous tissue buildup, abdominal pain, and patchy deep ulceration. Also called Crohn’s […]

  • Regional granulomatous lymphadenitis

    regional granulomatous lymphadenitis n. See cat scratch disease.

  • Regional hypothermia

    regional hypothermia n. Perfusion with cold blood or local refrigeration to cool an organ that has been subjected to ischemia in order to reduce its metabolic requirements.

  • Regionalism

    noun 1. Government. the principle or system of dividing a city, state, etc., into separate administrative regions. 2. advocacy of such a principle or system. 3. a speech form, expression, custom, or other feature peculiar to or characteristic of a particular area. 4. devotion to the interests of one’s own region. 5. Literature. the theory […]

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