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Registered memory


a computer memory module with registers that hold data for one clock cycle before being moved to the motherboard, used to increase reliability in data communication for heavily loaded memories
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  • Registered-nurse

    noun 1. a graduate nurse who has passed a state board examination and been registered and licensed to practice nursing. Abbreviation: R.N. registered nurse reg·is·tered nurse (rěj’ĭ-stərd) n. Abbr. RN, R.N. A nurse who has graduated from an accredited school of nursing and has been registered and licensed to practice by a state authority.

  • Registered port

    networking Any TCP or UDP port with a number in the range 1025 to 65535 (i.e. not a well-known port) that is registered with IANA.

  • Registered post

    noun 1. a Post Office service by which compensation is paid for loss or damage to mail for which a registration fee has been paid Compare recorded delivery 2. mail sent by this service

  • Registered-representative

    noun, Stock Exchange. 1. an employee of a member firm of a stock exchange, authorized to execute orders for the clients of the firm.

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