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Registration number

a sequence of letters and numbers assigned to a motor vehicle when it is registered, usually indicating the year and place of registration, displayed on numberplates at the front and rear of the vehicle, and by which the vehicle may be identified


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  • Registration plate

    noun 1. (Austral & NZ) a plate mounted on the front and back of a motor vehicle bearing the registration number Also called (US) license plate, (Canadian) licence plate, (Brit and South African) numberplate

  • Registry

    noun, plural registries. 1. the act of registering; registration. 2. a place where a register is kept; an office of registration. 3. register (defs 1, 2). 4. the state of being registered. 5. the nationality of a merchant ship as shown on its register. noun (pl) -tries 1. a place where registers are kept, such […]

  • Registry-office

    noun, British. 1. a government office and depository in which records and civil registers are kept and civil marriages performed. registry office noun 1. (Brit) a name often used for a register office

  • Regius

    adjective 1. of or belonging to a king. 2. (of a professor in a British university) holding a chair founded by or dependent on the sovereign.

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