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of or relating to a sovereign, sovereignty, or reign:
the second regnal year of Louis XIV.
of a sovereign, reign, or kingdom
designating a year of a sovereign’s reign calculated from the date of his or her accession


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    adjective 1. reigning; ruling (usually used following the noun it modifies): a queen regnant. 2. exercising authority, rule, or influence. 3. prevalent; widespread. adjective 1. (postpositive) reigning 2. prevalent; current

  • Regnat-populus

    [reg-naht paw-poo-loo s; English reg-nat pop-yuh-luh s] /ˈrɛg nɑt ˈpɔ pʊˌlʊs; English ˈrɛg næt ˈpɒp yə ləs/ Latin. 1. let the people rule: motto of Arkansas.

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    noun 1. mantle rock. noun 1. the layer of loose material covering the bedrock of the earth and moon, etc, comprising soil, sand, rock fragments, volcanic ash, glacial drift, etc regolith (rěg’ə-lĭth’) The layer of rock and mineral fragments that rests on bedrock and is produced by the weathering of rocks. Regolith constitutes the surface […]

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