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Regular as clockwork

see: like clockwork


Read Also:

  • Regular astigmatism

    regular astigmatism reg·u·lar astigmatism (rěg’yə-lər) n. Astigmatism in which the curvature in each meridian is equal throughout its course, and the meridians of greatest and least curvature are at right angles to each other.

  • Regular-bevel

    noun 1. the bevel of a bolt or lock on a door opening into the building, room, etc., to which the doorway leads (opposed to reverse bevel).

  • Regular-checking-account

    noun 1. a checking account for which the monthly fee is usually based on the average balance maintained and the number of transactions recorded.

  • Regular expression

    1. (regexp, RE) One of the wild card patterns used by Perl and other languages, following Unix utilities such as grep, sed, and awk and editors such as vi and Emacs. Regular expressions use conventions similar to but more elaborate than those described under glob. A regular expression is a sequence of characters with the […]

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