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verb (used with object), hired, hiring.
to engage the services of (a person or persons) for wages or other payment:
to hire a clerk.
to engage the temporary use of at a set price; rent:
to hire a limousine.
the act of hiring.
the state or condition of being hired.
the price or compensation paid or contracted to be paid for the temporary use of something or for personal services or labor; pay:
The laborer is worthy of his hire.
Informal. a person hired or to be hired:
Most of our new hires are college-educated.
British. available for hire; rental:
a hire car.
Verb phrases
hire on, to obtain employment; take a job:
They hired on as wranglers with the rodeo.
hire out, to offer or exchange one’s services for payment:
He hired himself out as a handyman.
for hire, available for use or service in exchange for payment.
Also, on hire.
verb (transitive)
to acquire the temporary use of (a thing) or the services of (a person) in exchange for payment
to employ (a person) for wages
(often foll by out) to provide (something) or the services of (oneself or others) for an agreed payment, usually for an agreed period
(mainly Brit) (transitive) foll by out. to pay independent contractors for (work to be done)

the act of hiring or the state of being hired
(as modifier): a hire car


the price paid or payable for a person’s services or the temporary use of something
(as modifier): the hire charge

for hire, on hire, available for service or temporary use in exchange for payment


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