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German name of Liberec.
the German name for Liberec


Read Also:

  • Reichsbank

    noun 1. the former German national bank.

  • Reichsfuhrer

    [rahykhs-fy-ruh r] /ˈraɪxsˌfü rər/ noun, German. 1. the title of the chief of the Schutzstaffel.

  • Reichsmark

    noun, plural reichsmarks, reichsmark. 1. the monetary unit of Germany from November, 1924, until 1948. Compare Deutsche mark, mark2 (def 1), ostmark. noun (pl) -marks, -mark 1. the standard monetary unit of Germany between 1924 and 1948, divided into 100 Reichspfennigs

  • Reichspfennig

    [rahyks-fen-ig; German rahykhs-pfen-ikh] /ˈraɪksˌfɛn ɪg; German ˈraɪxsˌpfɛn ɪx/ noun, plural reichspfennigs; German, reichspfennige [rahykhs-pfen-i-guh] /ˈraɪxsˌpfɛn ɪ gə/ (Show IPA) 1. a former bronze coin of Germany, the 100th part of a reichsmark.

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