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[ree-in-fawrs-muh nt, -fohrs-] /ˌri ɪnˈfɔrs mənt, -ˈfoʊrs-/
the act of reinforcing.
the state of being reinforced.
something that reinforces or strengthens.
Often, reinforcements. an additional supply of personnel, ships, aircraft, etc., for a military force.
a system of steel bars, strands, wires, or mesh for absorbing the tensile and shearing stresses in concrete work.

a procedure, as a reward or punishment, that alters a response to a stimulus.
the act of reinforcing a response.

reinforcement re·in·force·ment (rē’ĭn-fôrs’mənt)

The act or process of reinforcing.

Something that reinforces.

The occurrence or experimental introduction of an unconditioned stimulus along with a conditioned stimulus.

The strengthening of a conditioned response by such means.

An event, a circumstance, or a condition that increases the likelihood that a given response will recur in a situation like that in which the reinforcing condition originally occurred.


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