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Relative leukocytosis

relative leukocytosis n.
An increased proportion of one or more types of white blood cells in the blood without an actual increase in the total number of white blood cells.


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  • Relative location

    noun a point or place in relation to another point or place

  • Relatively

    adverb 1. in a relative manner: a relatively small difference. 2. Archaic. with reference (usually followed by to). in proportion (usually followed by to). adverb 1. in comparison or relation to something else; not absolutely

  • Relatively prime

    mathematics Having no common divisors (greater than 1). Two numbers are said to be relativey prime if there is no number greater than unity that divides both of them evenly. For example, 10 and 33 are relativly prime. 15 and 33 are not relatively prime, since 3 is a divisor of both. (1997-03-11)

  • Relatively-prime-numbers

    plural noun, Mathematics. 1. two numbers whose greatest common divisor is 1.

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