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Relative pathname

file system
A path relative to the working directory. Its first character can be anything but the pathname separator.


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  • Relative permeability

    noun 1. the ratio of the permeability of a medium to that of free space μr

  • Relative-pitch

    noun, Music. 1. the pitch of a tone as determined by its relationship to other tones in a scale. 2. the ability to identify or sing a tone by mentally determining the distance of its pitch from that of a tone already sounded.

  • Relative polycythemia

    relative polycythemia n. A relative increase in the number of red blood cells as a result of loss of the fluid portion of the blood.

  • Relative-pronoun

    noun 1. one of the pronouns who, whom, which, what, their compounds with -ever or -soever, or that used as the subordinating word to introduce a subordinate clause, especially such a pronoun referring to an antecedent.

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