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Relative specificity

relative specificity n.
The specificity of a medical screening test as determined by comparison with an established test of the same type.


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  • Relative-sunspot-number

    noun, Astronomy. 1. Wolf number. noun, Astronomy. 1. a number indicating the degree of sunspot activity on the sun as a factor of observer idiosyncrasies, the number of sunspot groups, and the number of individual sunspots.

  • Relative temperature scale

    relative temperature scale A temperature scale in which measurements are amounts that are more or less than a reference amount. In the Celsius scale, for example, the reference amount is set as the freezing point of water, or zero. Other measurements are made relative to this point. Relative temperature scales have both positive and negative […]

  • Relative-topology

    noun, Mathematics. 1. a topology of a subset of a topological space, obtained by intersecting the subset with every open set in the topology of the space.

  • Relative-wind

    [wind] /wɪnd/ noun 1. the velocity or direction of airflow with respect to the body it surrounds, especially an airfoil.

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