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Relay fast

(esp in India) a form of protest in which a number of persons go without food by turns Also called relay hunger strike


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  • Relaying

    verb (used with object), re-laid, re-laying. 1. to lay again. noun 1. a series of persons relieving one another or taking turns; shift. 2. a fresh set of dogs or horses posted in readiness for use in a hunt, on a journey, etc. 3. Sports. relay race. a length or leg in a relay race. […]

  • Relay language

    noun 1. a language, usually an internationally dominant one, which acts as a medium to translate other usually little-spoken languages

  • Relay-race

    noun, Sports. 1. a race between two or more teams of contestants, each contestant being relieved by a teammate after running part of the distance. noun 1. a race between two or more teams of contestants in which each contestant covers a specified portion of the distance

  • Relcode

    Early system on UNIVAC I or II. Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959).

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