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noun, Journalism.
an article, notice, announcement, or the like, issued in advance for publication or broadcast, bearing a release date.
the contents of such an advance.


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  • Released

    verb (used with object), re-leased, re-leasing. 1. to lease again. 2. Law. to make over (land, property, etc.), as to another. noun 3. a contract for re-leasing land or property. 4. the land or property re-leased. verb (used with object), released, releasing. 1. to free from confinement, bondage, obligation, pain, etc.; let go: to release […]

  • Release-date

    noun, Journalism. 1. the time, as the day, part of the day, and sometimes the hour, on or at which release copy may be published or broadcast. 2. the printed notation of this time on a press release or other advance.

  • Released-time

    or release time noun, Education. 1. time or a period allotted to a teacher apart from normal duties for a special activity, as personal research. 2. a designated period for public-school students to receive religious instruction outside of the public school.

  • Released version


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