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the quality of being ; piety; devoutness.
affected or excessive devotion to religion.
Contemporary Examples

“religiosity can certainly affect our sexuality,” Levkoff says.
Fat Men Last Longer in Bed Anneli Rufus September 9, 2010

This season, Ricci found inspiration in the religiosity of Catholicism and ecclesiastical garb.
Hedi Slimane’s Spring 2013 Paris Debut at Saint Laurent Robin Givhan September 30, 2012

And there is his deep identification as a Jew that almost takes on tribal aspects in its religiosity.
Kevin Spacey on Casino Jack Kevin Sessums December 13, 2010

Europeans are often mystified at the religiosity of Americans.
Why Is American Politics So Religious and Divisive? Jordan Michael Smith March 29, 2013

For Jews of varying degrees of religiosity, the Birthright trip to Israel is exhilarating but overwhelming.
My Unexpected Birthright Experience Tommy Alter September 25, 2013

Historical Examples

This religiosity, of Christian form, was essential to George Sand.
George Sand, Some Aspects of Her Life and Writings Rene Doumic

They satisfied the taste of the people for religiosity, if not religion.
Folkways William Graham Sumner

There is some melodrama, some religiosity, and there are some absurd recognition scenes at the close.
The American Spirit in Literature, Bliss Perry

With religiosity, if it was centred on self, she had no sympathy.
The Life of Florence Nightingale vol. 1 of 2 Edward Tyas Cook

That the amount of religiosity in either spectator or producer has nothing to do with the feeling is clear if we consider.
Arts and Crafts Essays Various


late 14c., from Old French religiosete and directly from Late Latin religiositas “religiousness,” from religiosus (see religious).


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