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verb (used without object)
to continue in the same state; continue to be as specified:
to remain at peace.
to stay behind or in the same place:
to remain at home; I’ll remain here when you go to the airport.
to be left after the removal, loss, destruction, etc., of all else:
The front wall is all that remains of the fort.
to be left to be done, told, shown, etc.:
Only the dishwashing remains.
to be reserved or in store.
Usually, remains. something that remains or is left.

miscellaneous, fragmentary, or other writings still unpublished at the time of an author’s death.
traces of some quality, condition, etc.
a dead body; corpse.
parts or substances remaining from animal or plant life that occur in the earth’s crust or strata:
fossil remains; organic remains.

plural noun
any pieces, scraps, fragments, etc, that are left unused or still extant, as after use, consumption, the passage of time, etc: the remains of a meal, archaeological remains
the body of a dead person; corpse
Also called literary remains. the unpublished writings of an author at the time of his or her death
verb (mainly intransitive)
to stay behind or in the same place: to remain at home, only Tom remained
(copula) to continue to be: to remain cheerful
to be left, as after use, consumption, the passage of time, etc: a little wine still remained in the bottle
to be left to be done, said, etc: it remains to be pointed out


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