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reviving memory of something; reminiscent.
retaining memory of something; mindful.
serving to remind
(postpositive) bearing in mind; mindful


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  • Reminding

    verb (used with object) 1. to cause (a person) to remember; cause (a person) to think (of someone or something): Remind me to phone him tomorrow. That woman reminds me of my mother. verb 1. (transitive) usually foll by of; may take a clause as object or an infinitive. to cause (a person) to remember […]

  • Remineralization

    verb (used with object), mineralized, mineralizing. 1. to convert into a mineral substance. 2. to transform (a metal) into an ore. 3. to impregnate or supply with mineral substances. verb (used without object), mineralized, mineralizing. 4. to study or collect the minerals of a region. verb (transitive) 1. to impregnate (organic matter, water, etc) with […]

  • Remington

    noun 1. Eliphalet [ih-lif-uh-lit] /ɪˈlɪf ə lɪt/ (Show IPA), 1793–1861, U.S. arms manufacturer. 2. Frederic, 1861–1909, U.S. painter and sculptor.

  • Reminisce

    verb (used without object), reminisced, reminiscing. 1. to recall past experiences, events, etc.; indulge in reminiscence. verb 1. (intransitive) to talk or write about old times, past experiences, etc

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