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  • Remonetize

    verb (used with object), remonetized, remonetizing. 1. to restore to use as legal tender: to remonetize silver. verb 1. (transitive) to reinstate as legal tender: to remonetize silver

  • Remonstrance

    [ri-mon-struh ns] /rɪˈmɒn strəns/ noun 1. an act or instance of remonstrating. 2. a protest: deaf to remonstrances. remonstrance /rɪˈmɒnstrəns/ noun 1. the act of remonstrating; protestation 2. a protest or reproof, esp a petition presented in protest against something Remonstrance /rɪˈmɒnstrəns/ noun (history) 1. See Grand Remonstrance 2. the statement of Arminian principles drawn […]

  • Remonstrant

    adjective 1. remonstrating; expostulatory. noun 2. a person who remonstrates. 3. (initial capital letter) one of the Dutch Arminians whose doctrinal differences from strict Calvinists were set forth in 1610. noun 1. a person who remonstrates, esp one who signs a remonstrance adjective 2. (rare) remonstrating or protesting noun 1. a Dutch supporter of the […]

  • Remonstrate

    verb (used with object), remonstrated, remonstrating. 1. to say or plead in protest, objection, or disapproval. 2. Obsolete. to show. verb (used without object), remonstrated, remonstrating. 3. to present reasons in complaint; plead in protest. verb (intransitive) 1. usually foll by with, against, etc. to argue in protest or objection: to remonstrate with the government […]

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