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Remote database access

database, standard
(RDBA) A standard permitting the exchange of information between different DBMS systems.


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  • Remote desktop protocol

    protocol (RDP) A Microsoft protocol that provides remote display and input for Windows. RDP’s video driver renders display output by sending packets to the client which translates them into corresponding Microsoft Win32 graphics device interface API calls. Client mouse and keyboard events are redirected from the client to virtual keyboard and mouse drivers on the […]

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  • Remote job entry

    operating system (RJE) A system, widely used in the mid/late 1960s, for submitting jobs to mainframes like the IBM 360 under OS/MFT. Communication with the computer operator was via the keyboard and later via CRTs. (1999-03-26)

  • Remote login

    networking A client-server program and protocol that provides an interactivel command line interface to a remote computer, using a protocol over a computer network, simulating a locally attached terminal. rlogin is the BSD Unix program and protocol for this, telnet is an earlier, more widely implemented protocol. (1999-03-26)

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