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Renal artery

renal artery n.
An artery with its origin in the aorta and with distribution to the kidney.


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  • Renal-calculus

    noun, Pathology. 1. kidney stone. kidney stone noun, Pathology. 1. an abnormal stone, or concretion, composed primarily of oxalates and phosphates, found in the kidney. kidney stone noun 1. (pathol) Also called renal calculus. a hard mass formed in the kidney, usually composed of oxalates, phosphates, and carbonates 2. (mineralogy) another name for nephrite kidney […]

  • Renal carcinosarcoma

    renal carcinosarcoma n. See Wilms tumor.

  • Renal cast

    renal cast n. Any of various casts that are formed in the renal tubule and found in the urine and consist of materials such as albumin, cells, and blood.

  • Renal clearance

    renal clearance n. The volume of plasma completely cleared of a specific compound per unit time and measured as a test of kidney function.

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