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Renal hematuria

renal hematuria n.
Hematuria resulting from extravasation of blood into the glomerular spaces, tubules, or pelvises of the kidneys.


Read Also:

  • Renal hypertension

    renal hypertension n. Hypertension that is secondary to renal disease.

  • Renal hypoplasia

    renal hypoplasia n. An abnormally small kidney that is morphologically normal but has either a reduced number of nephrons or smaller nephrons.

  • Renal osteodystrophy

    renal osteodystrophy n. A bone disease characterized by softening and fibrous degeneration of bone and the formation of cysts in bone tissue, caused by chronic renal failure.

  • Renal pelvis

    noun 1. a small funnel-shaped cavity of the kidney into which urine is discharged before passing into the ureter renal pelvis n. A hollow flattened funnel-shaped expansion of the upper end of the ureter into which urine is discharged before entering the ureter.

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