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Renal rickets

renal rickets n.
A form of rickets occurring in children in association with, and apparently as a result of renal disease with hyperphosphatemia. Also called pseudorickets.


Read Also:

  • Renal sinus

    renal sinus n. The cavity of the kidney, containing the calices and the pelvis.

  • Renal tubular acidosis

    renal tubular acidosis n. A syndrome characterized by the inability to excrete acidic urine and by low plasma bicarbonate and high plasma chloride concentrations, often with hypokalemia.

  • Renal tubule

    renal tubule n. A tubule of the kidney, such as a collecting or convoluted tubule.

  • Renal vein

    renal vein n. Any of the veins that accompany the renal arteries and open at right angles into the vena cava at the level of the second lumbar vertebra.

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