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an account or schedule of rents, the amount due from each tenant, and the total received.
a register of lands and buildings owned by a person, company, etc, showing the rent due and total amount received from each tenant
the total income arising from rented property


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  • Rents

    noun 1. a payment made periodically by a tenant to a landlord in return for the use of land, a building, an apartment, an office, or other property. 2. a payment or series of payments made by a lessee to an owner in return for the use of machinery, equipment, etc. 3. Economics. the excess […]

  • Rent-seeking

    or rent seeking [rent-see-king] /ˈrɛntˌsi kɪŋ/ noun, Economics. 1. the act or process of using one’s assets and resources to increase one’s share of existing wealth without creating new wealth. 2. (specifically) the act or process of exploiting the political process or manipulating the economic environment to increase one’s revenue or profits: Rent-seeking by lobbyists […]

  • Rent-stabilized

    [rent-stey-buh-lahyzd] /ˈrɛntˌsteɪ bəˌlaɪzd/ adjective, (of housing) 1. regulated by law so that rent increases may not exceed a specified amount.

  • Rent-strike

    noun 1. a temporary, organized refusal by tenants, as of an apartment building, to pay their rent, as in protest over inadequate services.

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