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tending to repair; repairing; mending.
pertaining to or involving reparation.


Read Also:

  • Repartee

    noun 1. a quick, witty reply. 2. conversation full of such replies. 3. skill in making such replies. noun 1. a sharp, witty, or aphoristic remark made as a reply 2. terse rapid conversation consisting of such remarks 3. skill in making sharp witty replies or conversation

  • Repartition

    noun 1. distribution; partition. 2. reassignment; redistribution. verb (used with object) 3. to divide up. 4. to partition or subdivide again; reapportion; redistribute. noun 1. distribution or allotment 2. the act or process of distributing afresh verb 3. (transitive) to divide up again; reapportion or reallocate

  • Repass

    verb (used with or without object) 1. to pass back or again.

  • Repassage

    verb (used with or without object) 1. to pass back or again.

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