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a person or thing that repeats.
a repeating firearm.
Horology. a timepiece, especially a watch, that may be made to strike the hour or part of the hour.
Compare clock watch.
Education. a pupil who repeats a course or group of courses that he or she has failed.
a person who votes illegally by casting more than one vote in the same election.
a person who has been convicted and sentenced for one crime, and later for another; recidivist.
Mathematics. (no longer in technical use) a repeating decimal.
Telecommunications. a device capable of receiving one-way or two-way communications signals and delivering corresponding signals that are either amplified, reshaped, or both.
Navigation. gyro repeater.
a person or thing that repeats
Also called repeating firearm. a firearm capable of discharging several shots without reloading
a timepiece having a mechanism enabling it to strike the hour or quarter-hour just past, when a spring is pressed
(electrical engineering) a device that amplifies or augments incoming electrical signals and retransmits them, thus compensating for transmission losses
(nautical) Also called substitute. one of three signal flags hoisted with others to indicate that one of the top three is to be repeated

networking, communications
A network or communications device which propagates electrical signals from one cable to another, amplifying them to restore them to full strength in the process. Repeaters are used to counter the attenuation which occurs when signals travel long distances (e.g. across an ocean).
A network repeater is less intelligent than a bridge, gateway or router since it works at the physical layer.


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