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a reading:
a perusal of the current books.
the act of perusing; survey; scrutiny:
A more careful perusal yields this conclusion.


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  • Repetend

    noun 1. Mathematics. the part of a repeating decimal that is repeated, as 1234 in 0.123412341234. …. 2. Music. a phrase or sound that is repeated. 3. Prosody. a word, phrase, line or longer element that is repeated, sometimes with variation, at irregular intervals in a poem. noun 1. (maths) the digit or series of […]

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    noun, plural répétiteurs [rey-pey-ti-turz; French rey-pey-tee-tœr] /ˌreɪ peɪ tɪˈtɜrz; French reɪ peɪ tiˈtœr/ (Show IPA) 1. the vocal coach of an opera chorus. noun 1. a member of an opera company who accompanies rehearsals on the piano and coaches the singers

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    repetition-compulsion rep·e·ti·tion-com·pul·sion (rěp’ĭ-tĭsh’ən-kəm-pŭl’shən) n. In psychoanalysis, the tendency to repeat earlier experiences or actions in an unconscious effort to achieve belated mastery over them.

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