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pertaining to or characterized by repetition.
characterized by or given to unnecessary repetition; boring: dull, repetitive work


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  • Repetitive-strain-disorder

    noun 1. repetitive strain injury. Abbreviation: RSD. noun See repetitive motion disorder

  • Repetitive-strain-injury

    1. any of a group of debilitating disorders, as of the hand and arm, characterized typically by pain, numbness, tingling, or loss of muscle control and caused by the stress of repeated movements. Abbreviation: RSI. repetitive strain injury noun 1. a condition, characterized by arm or wrist pains, that can affect musicians, computer operators, etc, […]

  • Repetitive stress injury

    noun a work-related tendon and nerve disorder that occurs when a person makes too many of the same motions over a long period of time; also called repetitive strain injury , repetitive-motion disorder , [repetitive injury]; abbr. RSI See repetitive motion disorder repetitive stress injury definition An injury, usually musculoskeletal in nature, that results from […]

  • Rephael

    healed of God, one of Shemaiah’s sons. He and his brethren, on account of their “strength for service,” formed one of the divisions of the temple porters (1 Chr. 26:7, 8).

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