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a copy or reproduction of a work of art produced by the maker of the original or under his or her supervision.
any close or exact copy or reproduction.
an exact copy or reproduction, esp on a smaller scale


Read Also:

  • Replicable

    adjective 1. capable of replication: The scientific experiment must be replicable in all details to be considered valid. adjective pertaining to something that may be repeated in an experiment, able to be copied or reproduced

  • Replicase

    noun 1. RNA synthetase. replicase rep·li·case (rěp’lĭ-kās’, -kāz’) n. An enzyme that promotes the synthesis of a complementary RNA molecule from an RNA template.

  • Replicate

    adjective 1. Also, replicated. folded; bent back on itself. verb (used with object), replicated, replicating. 2. to bend or fold back: a replicated leaf. 3. to repeat, duplicate, or reproduce, especially for experimental purposes. verb (used without object), replicated, replicating. 4. to undergo replication. noun 5. something that is replicated, as an experiment or procedure. […]

  • Replication

    noun 1. a reply; answer. 2. a reply to an answer. 3. Law. the reply of the plaintiff or complainant to the defendant’s plea or answer. 4. reverberation; echo. 5. a copy. 6. the act or process of replicating, especially for experimental purposes. 7. Genetics. the process by which double-stranded DNA makes copies of itself, […]

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