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a person or thing that represses.


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  • Repressible

    verb (used with object) 1. to keep under control, check, or suppress (desires, feelings, actions, tears, etc.). 2. to keep down or suppress (anything objectionable). 3. to put down or quell (sedition, disorder, etc.). 4. to reduce (persons) to subjection. 5. Psychoanalysis. to reject (painful or disagreeable ideas, memories, feelings, or impulses) from the conscious […]

  • Repressible enzyme

    repressible enzyme re·press·i·ble enzyme (rĭ-prěs’ə-bəl) n. An enzyme whose production is generally continuous but can be halted if a particular substance is present in concentrations greater than normal.

  • Repression

    noun 1. the act of repressing; state of being repressed. 2. Psychoanalysis. the rejection from consciousness of painful or disagreeable ideas, memories, feelings, or impulses. noun 1. the act or process of repressing or the condition of being repressed 2. (psychoanal) the subconscious rejection of thoughts and impulses that conflict with conventional standards of conduct […]

  • Repressive

    adjective 1. tending or serving to repress: repressive laws. adjective 1. acting to control, suppress, or restrain 2. subjecting people, a society, etc, to a state of subjugation repressive re·pres·sive (rĭ-prěs’ĭv) adj. Causing or inclined to cause repression.

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