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noun, Printing.
a proof, usually pulled on glossy paper, of a fidelity suitable for reproduction by photography for making a plate.


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  • Reprovable

    adjective 1. deserving of reproof.

  • Reproval

    noun 1. the act of reproving. 2. a reproof.

  • Reprove

    verb (used with object), reproved, reproving. 1. to criticize or correct, especially gently: to reprove a pupil for making a mistake. 2. to disapprove of strongly; censure: to reprove a bad decision. 3. Obsolete. to disprove or refute. verb (used without object), reproved, reproving. 4. to speak in reproof; administer a reproof. verb (used with […]

  • Re-prove

    verb (used with or without object), re-proved, re-proved or re-proven, re-proving. 1. to prove again.

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