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a plan of action to accomplish a specified end:
a school lunch program.
a plan or schedule of activities, procedures, etc., to be followed.
a radio or television performance or production.
a list of items, pieces, performers, etc., in a musical, theatrical, or other entertainment.
an entertainment with reference to its pieces or numbers:
a program of American and French music.
a planned, coordinated group of activities, procedures, etc., often for a specific purpose, or a facility offering such a series of activities:
a drug rehabilitation program; a graduate program in linguistics.
a prospectus or syllabus:
a program of courses being offered.

a systematic plan for the automatic solution of a problem by a computer.
the precise sequence of instructions enabling a computer to solve a problem.

verb (used with object), programmed or programed, programming or programing.
to schedule as part of a program.
Computers. to prepare a program for.
to insert or encode specific operating instructions into (a machine or apparatus):
We’ll program the bells to ring at ten-minute intervals.
to insert (instructions) into a machine or apparatus:
An automatic release has been programmed into the lock as a safety feature.
to cause to absorb or incorporate automatic responses, attitudes, or the like; condition:
Our parents programmed us to respect our elders.
to set, regulate, or modify so as to produce a specific response or reaction:
Program your eating habits to eliminate sweets.
verb (used without object), programmed or programed, programming or programing.
to plan or write a program.
a sequence of coded instructions fed into a computer, enabling it to perform specified logical and arithmetical operations on data
verb -grams, -gramming, -grammed, -grammes, -gramming, -grammed
(transitive) to feed a program into (a computer)
(transitive) to arrange (data) into a suitable form so that it can be processed by a computer
(intransitive) to write a program
A organized system of instructions and data interpreted by a computer. Programming instructions are often referred to as code. See more at source code, See also programming language.

program definition

A series of instructions given to a computer to direct it to carry out certain operations. The term code is often used to denote large-scale operations.


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