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the act of requiting.
a return or reward for service, kindness, etc.
a retaliation for a wrong, injury, etc.
something given or done as repayment, reward, punishment, etc., in return.
the act or an instance of requiting
a return or compensation for a good or bad action


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  • Requitable

    verb (used with object), requited, requiting. 1. to make repayment or return for (service, benefits, etc.). 2. to make retaliation for (a wrong, injury, etc.); avenge. 3. to make return to (a person, group, etc.) for service, benefits, etc. 4. to retaliate on (a person, group, etc.) for a wrong, injury, etc. 5. to give […]

  • Research-library

    noun 1. a general or specialized library that collects materials for use in intensive research projects.

  • Research-park

    noun 1. an industrial park whose facilities are devoted to research and development.

  • Research quantum

    noun 1. (Austral) the standard by which the contribution to a university of individual academics is measured and on the basis of which universities receive government funding and academics are promoted

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