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verb (used with object), reran, rerun, rerunning.
to run again.
the act of rerunning.
a showing of a motion picture or television program after its initial run, usually some months or years later.
the motion picture or television program being shown again.
Informal. a person or thing that is merely a restatement or imitation of something familiar; rehash:
The plot is just a rerun of every other spy story.
verb (transitive) (riːˈrʌn) -runs, -running, -ran
to broadcast or put on (a film, play, series, etc) again
to run (a race, etc) again
noun (ˈriːˌrʌn)
a film, play, series, etc, that is broadcast or put on again; repeat
a race that is run again
(computing) the repeat of a part of a computer program


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