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verb (transitive) -sells, -selling, -sold
to sell (something) one has previously bought; sell on


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  • Reseller

    noun 1. a person who sells; salesperson or vender. 2. an article considered with reference to its sales: one of the poorest sellers. noun 1. a person who sells 2. an article to be sold: this item is always a good seller 3. short for selling race

  • Resemblance

    noun 1. the state or fact of resembling; similarity. 2. a degree, kind, or point of likeness. 3. a likeness, appearance, or semblance of something. noun 1. the state or quality of resembling; likeness or similarity in nature, appearance, etc 2. the degree or extent to which or the respect in which a likeness exists […]

  • Resemblant

    adjective 1. having a resemblance or similarity (sometimes followed by to): two persons with resemblant features. 2. that produces or deals in representations: sculpture considered as a resemblant art.

  • Resemble

    verb (used with object), resembled, resembling. 1. to be like or similar to. 2. Archaic. to liken or compare. verb 1. (transitive) to possess some similarity to; be like

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